Patients Share their Experiences of TMS Treatment

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at Smart TMS 

TMS Technicians 2020

TMS for OCD & Depression

at Smart TMS, Dublin

“Firstly, I would just like to say how incredibly kind it is of everybody at SMART TMS to offer me this opportunity. I really feel that my treatment shows how much of a human touch and warmth there is in the company and how much you all want to help people. This has been evidenced by everybody I have come into contact with that works at SMART TMS.

“I am truly so grateful for this and would like to particularly express my thanks for the benefits that I have experienced in the course of my treatment.

“Life with OCD and depression is truly horrendous and anything SMART TMS can do to address this is fantastic as there are lots and lots of people who are suffering.”

TMS for Severe Depression and Anxiety

George Harold

54 year old George from Wicklow was diagnosed with depression at the age of 25. He’s been on antidepressants ever since and also experienced a suicidal episode resulting in admission to a psychiatry ward in 2015.

He describes his experience of depression and anxiety:

“I hadn’t been able to lift myself at all. I had no hope that I was going to be able to get myself out of it.

“There would be times where I would drop [into depression] for what would be days or weeks or months. But the latest drop has been going on for a number of years, probably back to 2013. This one, I found it particularly hard to get back out of.

“When your mind is thinking how depressed you are and how awful you feel and how much you don’t want to be here, and then you’re trying to push a child on a swing, it’s not fair to the child.”

After spotting an advert for TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) in Ireland, he undertook a 4 week course of treatment, which uses magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain affected by mental health issues.

“By the end of the treatment, I couldn’t remember feeling so good in years and that really shocked me.”

*Results may vary from person to person