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Dealing with the cause – not the symptoms

For too long, doctors and psychiatrists have had no way of targeting the specific areas of the brain involved in mental health issues.  Antidepressants and other drugs impact on the whole brain, as does ECT.

Now there is an alternative, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which is a targeted treatment to the particular brain area.

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How does TMS Work?

TMS involves the application of a targeted, pulsing magnetic field to excite or inhibit the nerves in the specific area of the brain that is causing the condition.

It was approved by FDA in 2008 and by NICE in 2015 as an effective and safe treatment for depression.  It is widely used in the US and was also FDA approved for OCD in 2018. It is also available in France, Germany and other European countries.

TMS treatment is a real alternative for patients who have found counselling, CBT and antidepressants ineffective.  Many of our patients have been classed as ‘treatment resistant’ – and yet after TMS, their mood improves, they regain motivation and confidence and report improvements in appetite and energy levels.

This is an outpatient procedure with minimal side effects.  It is well tolerated, long lasting, comfortable and you can return to work immediately afterwards.

TMS treatment can be life changing for patients and their families.

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An Insight into Smart TMS

A Smart TMS Patient’s Story

What Our Patients Say

“I am truly so grateful for this and would like to particularly express my thanks for the benefits that I have experienced in the course of my treatment.”

“Life with OCD and depression is truly horrendous and anything SMART TMS can do to address this is fantastic as there are lots and lots of people who are suffering.”

“By the end of the treatment, I couldn’t remember feeling so good in years and that really shocked me.”

“I have been on and off medication for about 25 years now, but in the short space of a month TMS has given me back something immeasurable.”

“I’ve been working full time for the last 8 weeks which is incredible, before the treatment I hadn’t worked for a full week for at least 2 years…”

“TMS has been life changing for me. I am back to how I should be and I am still improving every day. It really is incredible – I am so glad I did it”

“Since finishing my rTMS in August I am feeling very well. My depression and anxiety have gone. I am enjoying my life again.”

Results may vary from person to person

Teenage depression treatment with TMS

Smart TMS was the first provider in Ireland to offer transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for teenage depression and are now pleased to able to offer treatment to young people from the age of 14.

teenage depression treatment

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