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Ailish TMS technician

TMS Expert Blog: Reducing Harmful Rhetoric on Mental Illness

Stigma and Discrimination Surrounding Mental Illness Smart TMS…
Ailish TMS technician

TMS Expert Blog: Consequences of Stigma/Discrimination

Issues Associated with Mental Illness Further to her first blog…
stigma mental health

TMS Expert Blog: Reducing Mental Illness Stigma in Ireland

Our Irish TMS Technician, Ailish O'Grady, provides her expert…
TMS news

What to say to someone struggling with mental health

Expert advice from Chloe Ward on the difficult issue of what…
OK magazine

OK! Online: Christopher Maloney ‘Last Resort’ TMS Treatment

Following features in the Daily Star Sunday and an appearance…
Daily Star Sunday - Christopher Maloney Depression TMS closeup wide

X Factor Christopher Maloney TMS Depression & Anxiety Treatment

2012 X Factor singer Christopher Maloney has shared his 20 year…
royal college of psychiatrists

Royal College of Psychiatrists Statement on rTMS

The Royal College of Psychiatrists' reviews rTMS treatment in…
tms intro video

Video Feature: Interview with TMS Expert, Consultant Psychiatrist

Smart TMS has published a new 5 minute feature video, giving…
Irish Sun Logo

Irish Sun: TMS for Anxiety/Depression ‘Saved his Life’

The Irish Sun featured the story of a Wicklow man who had treatment…
ocd tms treatment

OCD Treatment with rTMS Review

A patient treated for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at Smart…
newsweek logo

‘Mood Boosting Magnets’ – TMS in Newsweek

A special Newsweek edition called 'Nature's Remedies' featured…
we're all mad here

We’re All Mad Here: TMS & Depression Blog

'We’re All Mad Here' - a blog on mental health issues - featured…