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‘Mood Boosting Magnets’ – TMS in Newsweek

A special Newsweek edition called ‘Nature’s Remedies’ featured Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment among its review of alternative methods of healing the mind, body and soul.

They referred to the treatment as ‘Mood Boosting Magnets’ which describes how TMS can be used to treat depression.

The feature explains the nature of depression, which affects an estimated 6.7% of the population in America:

“Those who struggle with depression have imbalanced levels of serotonin, which maintains mood, and dopamine, which controls the pleasure and reward zones.”

Much of the medication available for treating depression works to preserve and therefore boost the concentration of serotonin by effectively preventing it from reabsorbing back into the nerve cells from which they were released; but this is not always effective.

Some patients find that the drugs are not enough while others would simply prefer a medication-free alternative. Newsweek say:

“Hope for both groups may have arrived through an unlikely source: magnets.

“Researchers discovered they can harness the power of magnetism to increase serotonin production and combat depression through a process called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).”

In a radio interview with NPR (National Public Radio) in April 2016, neurologist Alvaro Pascual-Leone explained how TMS tackles depression:

“Each [symptom of depression] maps onto a given circuit of the brain.

“The reason why that circuit of the brain is not functioning properly…has to do with a deficit of a certain chemical in the brain. But the point is that if we can identify the circuit that causes the symptoms, we can target that circuit and make it function better through brain stimulation.”

Read the full feature at Newsweek: Mood-Boosting Magnets Might Help Treat Depression.

Smart TMS, Dublin

Transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment is now available in Ireland with Smart TMS, who opened their RTMS Dublin Clinic in January 2018. The clinic offers TMS treatments for a range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction.

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    • Smart TMS says:

      Over 90% of patients don’t suffer any side-effects. Of those that do, they are fairly minor and short term. Possible side-effects include headache, scalp discomfort at the site of stimulation, twitching of scalp muscles and feeling light-headed. These occur in 5-10% of patients, but tend to decrease over time with additional sessions. Smart TMS use a methodology which has resulted in none of our patients discontinuing rTMS due to side effects so far.

      If you’d like to discuss this further please contact our team on Tel: +353 (01) 254 2514 or Email:


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