Maximum Mental Health: Top Tips

Move To Find Your Groove

Maximum Mental Health by Aleks Srbinoski

Aleks Srbinoski is a Clinical Psychologist and Prescribing Clinician for Smart TMs. He’s passionate about positive approaches to psychology and strives to help patients reach their goals. These achievements could be through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), self help techniques or talking therapies. Also, Aleks is a best-selling author of three self help books, one of which is Maximum Mental Health.

This particular book focuses on overcoming depression and anxiety. It includes free downloads, aiming to teach mindfulness throughout the book and concentrates on various principles for living a healthier life – both physically and mentally.

Move To Find Your Groove

A particularly useful chapter of Aleks’ book was written with the aim of “developing self-confidence, exercise motivation and mental fitness by increasing movement”.

According to Aleks, we all imagine the same picture when asked to imagine someone who is depressed. A majority of people will imagine someone who has their head down and their shoulders slumped, with little energy and no emotion on their face. Their thoughts are likely to be negative and restricting.

The second person Aleks asks us to imagine is someone who is happy and confident. He says;

“You get the opposite answers, don’t you? This person has their head up, eyed forward, shoulders back, breathing full, feeling light, shows a lot of expression and has expansive and creative thoughts.”

The first, depressed person is much less dynamic when they move and express themselves. In comparison, the second person is dynamic and generates positive energy and emotions through their movements.

Aleks explains the viscous cycle that mood can fall into;

“The more you move, the greater the flow of serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine and endorphins through the body, and especially to the brain. The first three are your classic “happy” chemicals, while endorphins also increase the pleasure you feel and at the same time acts as natural painkillers or tranquilisers (notice the word – TRANQUIL-isers)”.

When you are experiencing a flow of happy chemicals, like serotonin or dopamine, you feel more motivated. However, this resulting motivation won’t last forever. You need to get into the habit of regularly moving your body. To begin with, it may feel difficult because your motivation is lacking, but as time goes on, it will become easier and easier.

Mental Health: Happy vs Depressed

Top Tip Of The Week

You don’t have to go for a run every evening or a swim each morning. You can get moving from your home and office, too. Aleks suggests;

“Set a timer and set it to ring every 60 minutes. Whenever it rings, spend 30 seconds to a minute stretching and breathing deeply and then adjusting your posture and facial expression before returning to your task. Another option if possible is to vigorously exercise for just 1-2 minutes. Do as many push ups, sit ups, or star jumps as you can in that period. You will feel very energetic afterwards and you would not have been exercising long enough to have become sweaty”.

After a week, you’re likley to feel different. How do you feel? Have you seen any improvements in your mood as a result?

To purchase Aleks’ book, visit Amazon. If you are his patient with Smart TMS, you will have access to his wealth of knowledge, too.

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