Teenage Depression & How Smart TMS Can Help

Smart TMS have been providing an alternative non-medicinal avenue of treatment for adults with treatment resistant depression. However, many young adults are also suffering with depression/anxiety, who do not respond to anti-depressant medication or therapies. In September of this year, Smart TMS decided to begin treating 16 and 17 year olds to help provide the increasing number of young adults with depression and anxiety a modern, safe and effective mental health treatment.

Our first young adult patient to be treated was a 16 year old from Co. Wicklow, Ireland. She attended the Dublin Clinic where she met with TMS practitioner, Ailish, who built a strong therapeutic relationship with her and ensured that she felt comfortable and safe throughout her TMS sessions. Ailish monitored this patient’s progress and explained any changes the patient was experiencing to her and her mother. She is very proud to have witnessed a significant improvement in this patient’s mental health and self esteem and to have supported her throughout her time at Smart TMS.

A glowing testimonial

Our patient, who prefers to stay anonymous, said;

“This is an absolutely fantastic service and the peace that it has brought to me is unbelievable.

“I am 16 years old and have been suffering with depression and anxiety since i was 13. I tried loads of different treatments and medication, and was hospitalised for 3 months at the age of 14. None of these helped my depression or anxiety in the long term. Before Smart TMS I could not do the regular things a teenager should be able to do because my depression and anxiety were holding me back from living my life.

“With the help of Smart TMS i can now do the things I could not do before. Smart TMS has given me my life back, a life that i never thought was possible for me before this.”

Ask the expert…

We enlisted the expertise of Dr Ana Tsakiri, a child and adolescent psychiatrist to monitor young adults experience and progress during TMS treatment. She is a valued member of our Smart TMS team commenting “It is very positive and hopeful to see that rTMS has helped young people who, from early age, have tried so many different treatments for their mental health problems.”

It can be quite disheartening for young adults and their families when conventional therapies or anti-depressant medication does not provide them with relief. This is why Smart TMS are very glad to have opened up a new and promising door to an alternative depression/anxiety treatment that has helped many individuals enter remission from their mental illness.

Find out more…

If you are a young adult who is experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, or if you are the parent/guardian of a teenager suffering from mental illness, we encourage you to look into TMS as an alternative, safe and effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

Please contact our patient advisory team on (01) 254 2514 or download our Smart TMS brochure to learn more information.

We understand that committing to a new mental health treatment can be overwhelming. Our aim is to make your journey at Smart TMS as seamless and comfortable as possible. If you would like to visit our Dublin clinic and meet Ailish, our TMS Practitioner to explain TMS in more detail or answer any questions/concerns you may have, please contact our team and this will be arranged for a time that suits you.

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