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Charity Calls on Workplaces for Mental Health Wellness

Charity ‘Suicide or Survive’ raised the importance of mental health wellness during National Workplace Wellbeing Day last week.

The founder Caroline McGuigan called on companies and colleagues to do more to make mental health wellness a priority. 

‘Suicide or Survive’ is an Irish charity which was founded by Caroline McGuigan after overcoming mental health difficulties herself. The organisation aims to help those who have attempted or contemplated suicide and to compliment other supports and services. Its programmes include a range of ‘SOS Workplace Wellness’ programmes. 

During National Workplace Wellbeing Day last week, McGuigan called for Irish workplaces to lead a culture change to prioritise mental health wellness. She said:

“How do you look after your mental health? Do you carry any stigma yourself? And then, as a work colleague, are you fully informed about what’s available in your organisation and what’s available in your community, so that if someone comes to you, you are able to signpost them.”

Caroline highlighted that 83% of Irish people believe there is still a stigma attached to mental illness but said that people should not be too hard on themselves: 

“Now I know this is easier said than done about your struggles, but I think we have to start with ourselves, which is the stigma we carry.

“Whatever is going on in your life, you’re doing the best you can with what you have and just to cut yourself some slack.”

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